The Spheron SceneCam is a unique mobile Reality Capture device – A high resolution fully automatic camera technology which is able to provide full spherical imagery of sites or locations. A 50 meg pixel camera which is capturing full spherical 360 x 180 uninterrupted views each time.

Being reliable and full configured, the device is your insurance to capturing the very best imagery – the cameras raw data can be directly used inside the viewing technology. Therefore no stitching or other Post manipulation is required. Its right first time – every time.

Scanlight is a powerful lighting solution for perfect illumination on scene. A system which complements the SceneCam to provide for complete independence from actual onsite light conditions. It provides the camera with full illumination and a constant even amount of light throughout the entire spherical capture process.

Capturing full spherical images under low light conditions can result in an increase of scan time. Additional lights may be used, but the common approaches usually require heavy batteries or even generators: some types of light appear in the full spherical image or cast unwanted shadows.

SceneCam/ScanLight system benefits:

This SceneCam 2.0 Solution features an almost complete redesign & optimization to achieve additional features and benefits, some of which are:

  • a newly designed power supply unit offers increased capacity from a single battery; it is rapid swappable, allows for capacity monitoring and can be used concurrently by both the camera and its lighting accessory unit ScanLight.
  • the system has been updated to now support the Panasonic ToughPad, a powerful and fully ruggedized tablet giving users intuitive access to all operational controls; the clear display allows for a real-time onsite preview and inspection; form-factor, weight and uptime are improved.
  • the new carbon-tripod is further enhanced to allow for an increased 3d-measurement accuracy; it now features a handy quick release camera head mount for rapid assembly, along with a new attachment- & locking-mechanism to mount the tablet.
  •  the entire Solution (Camera, Scanlight and all accessories) is packaged with 35% less size and 25% less weight - but continues to ensure safest transportation in the toughest of conditions.


solution for laserscanner

  • Resolution - SceneCam® resolution of 100 megapixels (full spherical image @ DSLR fill-factor).
  • Dynamic range - High Dynamic Range (HDR imaging with up to 26 f-stops of dynamic range.)
  • Optics - Fisheye Lens (Nikon 16mm f/2.8D).Individually calibrated for the compensation of spherical distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration. Providing unlimited view 360° x 180°.
  • Tripod - Custom designed tripod attachment arm with integrated touchscreen / battery holders, easily mounted onto any survey style tripod. A tribrach adapter is also included allowing a laser device to be height matched to a SceneCam.
  • Camera operation - Intuitive one-click touchscreen SceneCam® operation software presented on a lightweight 10’’ touchscreen tablet.
  • Operating time - SceneCam® operates more than 8 hours with one battery pack.

All SpheronLite systems are ScanLight compatible, allowing customers the opportunity to upgrade to the benefit of the ScanLight attachment. Providing the perfect illumination even in complete darkness. ScanLight is a powerful lighting solution for perfect illumination on scene – providing complete independence from actual light conditions.

It attaches directly to the camera’s sensor head. During the scan, the ScanLight rotates together with the SceneCam® around the vertical axis, while its precisely focused quad-column LED array illuminates almost only the actual scanning direction. As a result, valuable battery power is saved and mobile operation time is increased.


The technologies and solutions that SPHERON-VR develops under the brand name SPHERON-CGI bridge the gap between the real world and Computer Graphics. 

We empower our customers with technology to realize their visions to the highest visual perfection and aesthetics. 

The fundamental concept of our SPHERON-CGI technology is to capture real world data and make it available to the creative process of visualization. Within the realization process, we want to achieve maximum satisfaction, aesthetics and quality.

Reality Capture imaging technology, for assisting content production professionals in many creative fields.

Areas of application for Reality based Visualization

  • Film & Effects: seamless merging of virtual objects into real world scenes.
  • Games & Entertainment industry: creation of virtual sets to play games at real locations.
  • Automotive and comparable industries: product visualization within design- and marketing process; to validate shapes, surfaces and materials as well as to produce marketing deliverables, even before products exist.
  • Architectural planning and surveying: pre-visualization for building projects as well as visual inspection of construction sites and renovation projects


Spheron-VR AG, known globally as pioneers in HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera technology and experts in visual content management software, announces the forthcoming version of their SceneCenter® software.

This latest version 3.0 of the SceneCenter® software will include full support for GIS systems (geographic information service), hereby providing georeferenced positioning for all assets within SceneCenter® and the integration of customer-GIS-maps into projects.

SceneCenter® offers the production for virtual onsite scene documentation and provides tailored solutions for Governmental Applications such as Crime Scene documentation, Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection and also Industrial Applications such as Rail, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Utilities and Construction.

Offering improved workflow efficiencies, multiple GIS data sources may now be integrated simultaneously – providing a comprehensive portal where the proven SceneCenter® technologies can be connected to many of the industry-leading GIS systems.

SceneCenter® documentation allows virtual access to a scene or a site from anywhere at any time. This offers a complete new approach to knowledge-aggregation and knowledge-sharing , such as from a crime scene through to court or from an onsite critical location through to the desk of analyzers or decision makers.

The forthcoming integration of GIS technology will now allow clients to connect spherical imagery to georeferenced data resources, take 3D photogrammetric measurement and interconnect both GIS and spherical imagery to all kinds of other digital asset information.

The version 3.0 of SceneCenter® with GIS integration will be made available on the SceneCenter’s Server and Client application installations, as well as on Standalone version too.

To find out more information about SceneWorks® complete solutions, do get in touch directly via, email:, tel : +49 (0)6333 2766-0 or via your local SpheronVR distributor. 


Todays Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is executed by dedicated experts from multiple disciplines. One of their goals is to present a concise analysis of their findings.

With our business unit SceneWorks-forensics, we offer an integrated workflow to increase the objectivity and the efficiency of modern crime scene investigation.

We all have experienced the immense power of a text driven search in the internet via search engines: once we know the right keyword, the search-engines will "find it all", BUT if we don't ...., the screen stays empty. 

On a smaller scale: is part of your job description to be a shareholder in the process of crime scene investigation? If so, did you ever have to communicate results via "clever named" folders or file names? 

Here's our background: as a manufacturer of high-end (full spherical) cameras, some of our customers in the past were indeed police-photographers. They used the camera to document crime scenes. They figured: "... see the glas of water there. I actually do know that we have found a fingerprint on it. Wouldn't it be great to allow everyone in our team to immediately access the PDF with the fingerprint analysis by a simple mouse-click on the glass?


The SceneCam is a mobile, full spherical and high resolution capturing device. Being fully automated, the device is your insurance to capture the very best imagery at the crime scene.

The cameras raw data can be directly processed and inspected at the scene. There is no stitching or other post manipulation required. Its right at the first time – every time.

The SceneCam contains Spheron’s pioneering automatic 32-bit HDR (High Dynamic Range) image capture technology – ensuring the camera can perform in any lighting environments – from the darkest underground locations to the brightest direct sun light scenarios (26 – f-stops).

Due to the cameras optics & precision engineered technology the image quality is precise in nature, never suffering from parallax distortion problems or other stitching induced quality issues.

Its easy to use this system via its one-click camera operation interface ensuring that all who operate the unit produce the very best quality imagery every time. The portable device also allows for the recording of 3D measurements, this is via the cameras unique photogrammetric immersive measurement technology.


SceneCenter Forensics is an intelligent software system allowing virtual access to a Crime Scene site.It is a specifically designed visually based software database system, which provides an easy-to-use automated approach for documenting a Crime Scene. This is next-generation Virtual Site tour technology, which provides forensic professionals with an ability to revisit a crime location via a rich interactive display all from their desktops.It facilitates remote virtual location access whilst also offering a collaboration tool between multiple Police / Forensic staff, providing them with a communication method in the most timely and cost effective manner.